Who We Are

Up Close And Personal

I have been a passionate special educator of the past 16 years, working in a variety of special education hierarchy classrooms.  My specialty has always been taking materials and modifying them to fit the individualized needs of my students, whatever that population looked like.  A few years ago, I had the pleasure of working in a 5:1:1 autistic classroom with children who ranged in abilities from non-verbal to fluent readers.  This population of students had previously been in specialized non-public schools.  I had to design a curriculum from scratch that would address a diverse set of needs.   I created these boxes and use them as a core part of my successful program.  My husband, who has a background in business and finance, was the guiding force that urged the launch of our company, Differentiated Learning Solutions, LLC to bring these highly specialized products to populations across the country.  Together we have developed Ready Skills Boxes as a program that addresses the four main needs of our most challenged learners:

·         Educational

·         Life Skills

·         Fine Motor

·         Pre-Vocational

Our mission is to bring a highly specialized program that can be integrated into any autistic or special education classroom to be adaptable to meet the unique needs of every learner, and our hope is that, together, we can ultimately enrich the experiences of those that need our attention and to advocate for them to provide what has been lacking and overlooked…one box at a time!

For additional detail about our dreams and hopes that we wish our company will bring, please visit our Facebook page and watch “In a Nutshell.