Why Choose Ready Skills Box?

  • Unique special educational products with depth not found in the current educational landscape
  • Purposefully designed programs where each box focuses on targeted skill instruction with overarching themes
  • Addresses four main needs of Autistic and Special Education learners (educational, pre-vocational, fine motor, life skills)
  • Modifiable for differentiation
  • Progress monitoring IEP tool with checklist for documentation

Where Can Ready Skills Boxes Be Used?

  • As part of a daily special education program
  • OT push-ins
  • Home supplement for parents to support classroom learning
  • Social skills training in a therapeutic setting
  • After-school/extended school year program
  • As part of a behavior management program
  • Residential settings
  • As part of a home-school program

What Types of Students Will Benefit From Our Programs

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Learning Disabled
  • Downsyndrome
  • Self-contained classrooms
  • English language learners

Value-based Benefits

  • All materials are laminated for durability and sustainability
  • Can be easily modified to expand or differentiate skills for each learner (all print documents are available in either word or Google docs as templates for customization)
  • Hands-on supplies easily replaceable without having to purchase costly kits
  • Teacher/Parent blog with sharing of ideas for how to build additional skills into the program
  • Easy to format checklist of targeted skills allows for ease of documentation for IEPs

Focus on Autistic and Special Education Students